Care Instructions for Your New Latex Product

Though I use the highest quality latex in all my products, this item has a limited lifespan (as with all latex products). You can however, significantly increase the life of your latex product through proper care.

All of the following items are considered to be "enemies" of latex and will cause it to decompose or become dry and brittle over time. Care should be taken to avoid:

If your item contains a colorized vacuum-formed eye:

This all being said, repeated use may eventually lead to damage such as small tears or cracks around the thin edges. These can be repaired (preferably early on before they expand) by applying liquid latex or pros-aid adhesive to the damaged area. For larger tears, contact (rubber) cement may be necessary to bond the edges together. You can also touch up any paint damage with PaxPaint.

By following these instructions you can expect to enjoy your item for many years to come.

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